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Connectivity Issues

 Refreshing bluetooth connection - For connection issues
Troubleshoot 1 :      
Turn off your Bluetooth from your settings, on your device, then turn it back on. Check if you can control your bulb properly.
IMG_7994.PNG   Screenshot_2017-06-26-10-43-21.png

Troubleshoot 2 :
If your bulb is still connecting, a fresh restart of the app, can help refresh the Bluetooth connection, allowing you to control it properly- If you are on an iPhone, double click your iPhone home button and the apps in your background will show up. You will need to swipe up on them to close the apps down. Close down the ilumi app, reopen it, and check your your if you can turn the bulb off, and on, using the app. If you are on an Android device, please click on your app background button ( or recent button). This will bring up all the apps currently running in your device background. Close down the ilumi app, reopen it, and check if you can control your bulbs properly.

Troubleshoot 3:
If still not able to connect to your bulb/bulbs, a fresh logout, and log in of the app, will help refresh the bluetooth connection as well. Please walk over to your bulbs, and open the ilumi app. Swipe all the way right, to the "More" tab, and scroll down into "Account". Now logout of the app, log back in, and your connection to your bulbs should be restored.
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