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Scheduling Setup for ilumi Smartbulbs

The scheduling feature in your ilumi app gives you full control to automate your lighting to your schedule. Use it to schedule colors, whites, Circadian, Rise and Shine, effects and preset, or even just an On/Off at a specific time time. Here's a quick video with Collin from the ilumi team as he walks through scheduling a color in the ilumi app. Please note that a stable internet connection is required for the scheduling feature to work. 



Scheduling Setup

NOTE: Ensure that you are within range of your ilumi bulbs and can control them before proceeding with these instructions.

1) First open your ilumi app to view your "Dashboard", then tap to select the group of bulbs you'd like to schedule. You can also schedule an individual bulb within a group by tapping the bulb name after you tap the group name and following these same steps.



2) You will then see some tabs close to the top of your Screen in this order (swipe right to see the reset of the tabs) :

 Bulbs > Colors > Whites > Effects > Presets > Schedule

You will select Schedule. Now click on the the "+" sign next to Schedule at the bottom of the screen and you will see these options:  




a) Suggestions (Rise and Shine)

Different Rise and Shines. You can choose from seven different sunrise options, control how long your sunrise lasts, and see the color pallet of each sunrise.


b) Automation (On/Off)

Turn the light off or on. Note: for the light to turn on automatically, the light switch must be left in the "on" position.  


c) Lighting

You can Schedule Color, White, Preset, Effect, Favorite.  This is helpful in setting up rooms where you might use a light switch, but want to change color or brightness at different times of the day.   Here are a couple of suggestions for you Bathroom Lighting as well as Sleep scheduling



3) In this example, we'll show you how to schedule an effect. Open the scheduling menu and select one of the effects (e.g. Festival of Lights), then click next to select which group for it to apply to. You can tap the arrow to the right of the group name to select individual bulbs in that group.




Next, select what time you'd like your schedule to turn on, then tap next. Now select what time to schedule your lights to turn off. When you use schedules that turn off and on, you will see this at the bottom " Link 'On' Automation / Link 'Off' Automation". Make sure these are toggled on and it will turn on and turn off your bulbs according to those times.




Next, you'll select which days of the week you'd like for this schedule to be repeated, then tap next. The app will then present a summary of your schedule. If everything looks right, click create and it will create your Schedule.

*Important -depending on the number of bulbs - this can take up to 30 seconds, so be sure to keep the app open and near the bulbs as it sends the schedules to the bulbs memory.



You're all set with your new schedule! You can now view your set schedules for a particular group under the Schedules tab after selecting the group from the dashboard.




Please Note : Scheduling requires a stable internet connection.  



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