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Music Sync with Spotify

Spotify with Music Sync


If you are a Premium Spotify account user, it will be usable in our app. You will need to go into your Spotify account and "Allow for public access". You need to do this to allow us access to your Spotify playlists.



Please follow these steps :

1) Click on the Music Sync in experiences.


2) Click the 3 lines in top right hand corner which brings you to Media Picker.



3) Swipe over the tabs near the top: Playlists- Artists- Songs-Albums- Spotify. 

4) Select Spotify and "Log In With Spotify" .



5) Enter your Spotify information and it will sync.






6) You will also need to go to your Spotify account/app and allow your playlists to be accessed by our app. To make your Spotify playlists available in our app, you will need to go into your Spotify app/website first, and login. Then click on the 3 dots near your playlist and "Allow for public access". Do this for the playlists you wish to access through the app.

Music downloaded locally to your phone should also be accessible. 





If you have any questions, please reach out to us at and we'd be happy to help!

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