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Sharing Access to Your ilumi

The ilumi app allows you to share control of your ilumi with others, like a friend, spouse or roommate. Here's a brief video and detailed step-by-step process to share access to your ilumi.



To Share Access to Your ilumi Network

1. Log into your ilumi app and swipe right-to-left across the top navigation until you arrive at the 'More' tab.

2. Next, tap the 'Account' button at the bottom of the list. This will take you to an account overview page, where you will tap 'Manage Users' to send an invite to your network. You'll now see the 'Manage Users' screen. Tap the 'Invite User' button at the bottom of the screen. The app will then prompt you to either 'Invite using Contact' or 'Invite using Email'. 

NOTE: If you opt to invite a user with their contact information in your phone's contact book, you'll need to make sure that the email they use to log into the ilumi app is also saved as their email in your contact book. If you opt to invite using email, you'll also need to ensure this user has created an ilumi account in the new app using that same email address.

3. After filling in the user's name and ilumi app email address, tap 'Send'. You will now see that the user has been sent an invitation. The user who has been invited can review the section below for a step-by-step process on accepting an invitation to your ilumi network.


To Access Another User's Network

1. In order for someone to invite you to access their ilumi network, you’ll first need to create an ilumi account. If you already have an ilumi account, simply log into your ilumi app. When you login,you’ll find that you don’t have any ilumi yet! Don’t fret, you’ll have them soon.

Ask your generous ilumi network sharer to invite you to their account*. Swipe left on the screen near the word ‘Dashboard’ at the top of the screen until you reach the ‘More’ section of the ilumi app. Tap ‘Account’ at the bottom of the screen.
*Hint: See above to learn how to invite a user to your network.

2. You’re now looking at your account detail menu. Confirm that the person sharing their ilumi access with you has correctly invited you to share access following the steps in the section above. Tap ‘Accept Invitations’ and you’ll arrive to an invitation that provides access to another dimension*. Tap ‘Accept’, then tap the back arrow in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.
*Just kidding, but it does allow you to use some super cool light bulbs.


3. You now have access to this users ilumi network. Note that you will not be able to control these ilumi if the original user is currently connect to those bulbs. You'll also want to ensure that you're on their network and not your own default network by tapping the first button under the 'Account' page--it will either read 'Main' (or a different name that you may have assigned to your default entwork) or it will read the name of the shared network you just accepted access to. You can toggle back and forth between these networks by tapping the network name.

Now when you return to the ilumi Dashboard, you'll see the other user's network/ilumi instead of your own! Feel free to reach out to us at with any questions.


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