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iPhone Users and iOS 10

Attention iOS Users on iOS 10: (iOS 10.3 now available!)

There was a widespread Bluetooth problem with devices on the initial upgrades to iOS 10. But there is good news!

Apple addressed this issue in their iOS 10.2, which included Bluetooth connection improvements for 3rd party apps, and devices. This update fixed many of the connection issues that users with iOS devices were having and future updates. Please update your iOS to the latest version (version 10.3) , which should resolve this issue.

There was also a permissions change in iOS 10 regarding Bluetooth Sharing, and this will need to be toggled off and on in order to get connected again in the new ilumi App:

  1. Go to the "More" tab and go to "Account" to log out of the ilumi app and open iOS Settings.
  2. Scroll down to find the New ilumi App
  3. Tap to open the ilumi App permissions
  4. Bluetooth Sharing Permissions:
    • If the “Bluetooth Sharing” option is off, tap to turn on.
    • If the “Bluetooth Sharing” option is on, tap to turn off, then tap again to turn back on.
  5. Open the ilumi app, log back in, and check that you can connect or pair again.

Once you have done this, if you are still unable to connect, try restarting your device fully and going back into the app and checking that you can connect. If you are still not able to connect, please email us right away at with the following info:

  • Did toggling off/on your Bluetooth Sharing permissions not allow you to get connected?
  • Did you restart your device?
  • Do you have any other Bluetooth devices currently connecting to your device, like the Apple Watch?
  • If you have multiple ilumi, are most of your bulbs working except for one or two?



There may be a few different reasons why you are not able to pair to your ilumi bulb right away.


1. Is the bulb powering on and cycling through red, green, blue and resting at white? OR is it only power on to a solid bright white color?

If your bulb is cycling through colors, then it is ready to be paired! If it is only powering on to bright white, then your bulb is in a non-pairing state. This can happen from the manufacturer when they connect to your bulb to verify the Bluetooth chip they placed in the bulb is connecting properly. Sometimes, a bulb will accidentally be packaged up without being reset.

To reset the bulb, flip the switch off and on five times. Then, it should begin flashing red, green, blue then white! Try pairing now :)


2. Make sure you are pairing through the ilumi App and not your device's Bluetooth settings. 

Your device's Bluetooth settings may detect the ilumi bulb, but it will not pair via this method. It's not like a Bluetooth headset or speaker. We can only communicate to your device via the ilumi app.


3. Try moving closer to your bulb 

ilumi connects wirelessly using a Bluetooth connection, and this connection strength is stronger the closer you are to the bulb. For example, if you are upstairs, and you want to pair a bulb that is located downstairs, you may not be within range to connect and pair.


4. Is the power on to the bulb?

This seems overly simplistic, but we have been there! You install the ilumi into a lamp with a switch that happens to be powered off. For best results, the bulb must be illuminated. If the bulb is dark, then either the bulb is receiving no power from the fixture or your bulb is dead. 


5. Are you connected to other Bluetooth devices at the same time?

Some devices can open many Bluetooth connections at one time, and other devices are limited to just 1 or 2 connections. Make sure you are not still connected to a Bluetooth headset, speaker, your handsfree system in your car, or maybe your smart lock or other smart home product.

The easiest way to close an existing Bluetooth connection is to OFF/ON the Bluetooth in your phone settings.


6. If you have more than one device trying to connect at the same time, only one device will be able to snag the connection.

We use a secured Bluetooth pairing process, which means that other people outside your network will not be able to connect to your ilumi bulbs without having access to your app credentials. This works the same during the pairing process. Be sure only one device is scanning in the app at a time.

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