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IFTTT Integration - Beta Users

IFTTT Steps - Beta Users (iOS and Android)
1) Download the beta version of ilumi app
(i) Brand New Beta Users (iOS): 
First, provide us with your apple ID email. Then, we will approve you for "TestFlight", where you can find the beta version of the app, which includes IFTTT integration. After you have been approved, proceed to download the "TestFlight" app, from the app store. Then, create an account in "TestFlight", using your apple ID, and password. Once you do so, you will get an email, to your apple ID email, with a "Redeem Code". You will use this "Redeem code" in the "TestFlight" app, to download the beta version of our app. 
(ii) Previous beta users (iOS and Android)
Download the beta version of the app from TestFlight (iOS). If you are an Android user, you will get an email with a link to a beta version of our app. 
 2) Login to ilumi app account, and IFTTT setup
(Images are from left to right, according to instructions)
 (I) Login to your ilumi account. 
(II) Go to your "Experiences".
(III) Click on "IFTTT Channel" , then “SetUp Now”  - "Set Up IFTTT Now”- it will bring you to, where you will need to either login to an existing account, or create a new one. After you have created a New account, please follow the link below, which will give you access to ilumi's beta version in IFTTT. After clicking on the link, you will enter your iumi Username/ Password, to link your ilumi account to IFTTT. The link to this is :

IMG_2953.PNG IMG_2954.PNG IMG_7750.PNG
(IV) Applet - click on your profile icon, and click on " Create a new applet". Click “this”. You can select Alexa, Google Home (Google Assist), or a different service listed, and set it up with your appropriate associated account ( Example: For Alexa, you will need to login with your Amazon ID, for Google, you will login with your Google ID )
IMG_7740.PNG IMG_7741.PNG IMG_7742.PNGIMG_7743.PNG  IMG_7744.PNG
(V)  Now, you will create a trigger for your  new applet. On the “that” action, click on it, and select ilumi. You will see all the actions we have currently available.  These range from :  (1)Lights On  (2) Lights Off  (3)Set Color (4)Adjust Brightness  (5)Activate a Favorite  (6) App Effects  (7) Apply Presets”.        
 IMG_7746.PNG    IMG_7747.PNG   
(VI) After you have selected your action, Select your bulb or group, select your appropriate settings for action, and click on “Create action”. You can preview your New Applet, to check that everything looks right, then click on the “Finish” button, and follow the instructions on the applet. ( For this example, we have picked a set color, to change the color of the bulb, using the triggers we had set.  
IMG_7751.PNG   IMG_7748.PNG     IMG_7749.PNG
Keep in mind:
After this is process is done, please restart your ilumi app. Go back to “Experiences”. The setup will be changed to “History”. Tap on the gear button in the top right hand corner of the app, and check if your settings look right and are toggled on ( Only on wifi, Connect in background). 
Now, you can start enjoying your IFTTT, with ilumi, with your choice of automation products. 
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