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Color Wheel

Customize the color and brightness with the color wheel screens. Save and reuse swatches or set your personalized defaults.



Changing Colors

The coolest feature of the ilumi LED smartbulb is the ability to change the color of your lighting! From the Groups screen, tap a group or individual ilumi. At the bottom of the screen is your color palette. By tapping a color on the color palette, you can instantly change the color of your ilumi LED smartbulb.


Color Wheel

To create a custom color, tap the color wheel icon in the bottom left corner of the screen.

The inner dial at the center of the app allows you to change the color saturation. Moving the inner dial to the left increase the color saturation, allowing you to select rich colors. Moving the dial to the right increases the amount of white added, giving you a more natural light. 

The outer ring contains a color wheel, which allows you to select any color within the color spectrum. By increasing the color saturation with the inner dial, you can select from millions of colors in the color spectrum.


Set a Default Color

You can set the default color of your ilumi when the lamp is turned on and off. To change your default color, go to the Color Wheel screen, select your color, and tap "Set Default" in the top right corner of the screen.



Below the color wheel is a brightness setting, allowing you to dim your ilumi. Swipe to the left to decrease brightness and swipe to the right to increase brightness.


Save Color Swatch

Below this, is a color palette, allowing you to save your favorite colors simply by pressing the plus (+) symbol in the bottom left corner of the screen. To select a color you have saved, tap the color and your ilumi will instantly change to your saved color. You can swipe right and left on the color palette to view all of your saved colors.


Delete a Color Swatch

To delete a color from your color palette, tap and hold the color for a few seconds. Release and you will see the red circle with a minus (-) sign over the color you have chosen to delete. Tap the delete button over the color to confirm.



When you have finished editing the groups, click the back arrow in the top left corner of the app to go back to the main "Groups" screen. 


Not sure how to turn ilumi on and off? Click here.


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