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Pairing a New ilumi

Once you've created an Account, it's now time to Pair your new ilumi Smartbulbs to your Account. Pairing allows you to control and program your ilumi Smartbulbs from your account and makes sure only those that Login with your account details can access your ilumi. 

The first time you login, the app will take you directly to the "Add ilumi" screen where you can pair your ilumi Smartbulbs, or you can access the screen via the 'Menu Bar' at the top left hand corner of the app. Make sure your ilumi and powered on and nearby.

The app will automatically begin searching for any unpaired ilumi. As the app finds each ilumi it will appear as a colored icon like this:

Each ilumi Smartbulb will also change color corresponding to the color of it's icon. This is helpful if you are pairing multiple ilumi at the same time. To pair, simply hold and drag each icon down to "New Group," input a group name or use a suggested group name. Continue to pair any other ilumi by dragging and dropping each into a 'New Group' or an existing group if you'd like to control those ilumi together. 

That's it! Your ilumi Smartbulbs are now paired, grouped, and ready for action.  Tap the menu icon in the top left corner of the screen to explore and enjoy!



Pairing an additional ilumi the exact same way.  Just access the "Add ilumi" screen from the menu. Search, drag, drop, and enjoy!

Helpful Tip: If the app doesn't immediately start searching for new ilumi, click the "Refresh Button" at the bottom of the screen.

To learn how to control ilumi or a Group, click here.


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