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Group & Individual Control ( Original ilumi app - colorful logo)

Forget the Switch.

Whether you want to control 1, 2, 10, or 50, ilumi gives you an advanced wireless lighting control system to flexibly control all of your Smartbulbs.

You can control multiple ilumi at the same time, as a group.

The Groups screen gives you easy convenient control of all your ilumi connected to your Account. From this screen, you can turn your ilumi on and off or change the color and brightness of any of your ilumi.

To control your ilumi in the Groups screen. Simply tap the appropriate cell you want to control. A Dark Contrast highlight can be seen that indicates what you are controlling. 

If you want to drill down and control an individual ilumi, simply tap the arrow next to the group name. The group will expand to display each ilumi in that group giving you the option to control them individually. To close the group, simply tap the left-hand arrow next to the group name again.

Now start controlling your ilumi by exploring on / off swipe controls, the swatch tray, & the color wheel.


To learn how to change colors using the Color Wheel, click here.


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