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Edit, Rename or Delete a Scene

To help you organize your scenes, you can change the scene details, rename or delete unwanted scenes.


To change the details of a scene, tap the scene to bring up the details screen. You can tap the group or expand the group to change individual ilumi. Here you can change the settings of the ilumi that are saved in this current scene. 

To the right of each group name, you can tap through the following options:

  • The color square next to the group shows what color the group will change once the scene is activated.
  • The "do not include" symbol is a circle with a slash - This means that this group will not be affected by this Scene's settings.
  • The "off" icon, will turn this group of bulbs off when this scene is activated.

Tap these icons to change the state of the group.

When you're done, press the back arrow to go back to the Scenes list.




Tap and hold on any scene name to bring up the "Edit Scenes" screen. To rename a scene, tap the scene you want to edit to bring up the text editor. Simply type the new name, and and click "Done". Then tap the back arrow to exit the "Edit Scenes" screen.



Tap and hold on a scene name to bring up the "Edit Scenes" screen. Tap the red circle with a minus (-) sign next to the scene you want to delete. Tap the delete button to confirm.

When you have finished editing your scenes, click the back arrow in the top left corner of the app to close "Edit Scenes". 


Helpful TipYou can set a scene for "House Off" with all of your lights off. That way, if you want to turn all the lights off in all rooms, you simply select the "House Off" scene.

Keep in mind, to activate a scene, you swipe to the right to turn it "on" and to deactivate a scene, you swipe to the left to turn it "off". Creating a scene with "off" in the name will still require you to swipe to the right to activate it, so try not to get confused! :)


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