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Color Palette & Brightness Bar

In the Groups view and many other places in the ilumi app, when you tap an ilumi or group, a tray appears at the bottom of the screen that includes your Color Palette & Brightness Bar. 

You can use the Brightness bar to dim an ilumi or group of ilumi by dragging the slider from the right to the left. Dragging the bar all the way to the left will turn turn the selected light off.

Tap any of the saved colors in the Color Palette at the bottom of the tray to quickly change the color of light for the selected ilumi or group of ilumi.  

You can also choose and create a custom color by tapping the color wheel icon in the bottom left hand corner of the tray.  The Color Palette can also be customized in the Color Wheel screen. How about learning more about the Color Wheel view.


Need to edit a group name or delete a Scene? Click here to learn how to access the "Edit" screens.


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