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Long Press to Edit

In most list views in the ilumi app, such as Groups, Scenes, and Experiences, you can enter an edit view that allows you to change a number of settings. Simply long press (hold your finger) on an item in the list to bring up the edit view.

As example, in the 'Groups' view you can long press a group name to bring up the 'Edit Groups' view. From the 'Edit Groups' view you can: 

Add a New Group - Tap the plus (+) sign in the top right corner of the app.

Delete a Group - Tap the red circle with the minus (-) sign to the left of the group name. To confirm, a window will pop-up asking you if you would like to delete the group, or to cancel. Select "Delete" to delete the group. Deleting a group will reset any paired ilumi found within that group.

Rename a Group - Tap the group name, and enter the name of your choice. Tap "Done" when you are finished.

Move an ilumi to another Group - Tap the left-hand arrow next to the group name to expand a group. To the right of the ilumi name, tap and hold, then drag the ilumi up or down to a different group. Both groups must be expanded.

Reorder Groups - To the right of the group name, tap and hold, then drag the group up or down to reorder your groups.



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