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How do I reset a PAR30 ilumi?

To reset the PAR30s, they require power to be fully lost before they'll reset. The capacitor in the PAR30s require a small delay for the power to completely be lost.

You'll need to turn the switch off/on five times, but leave the switch in the off position for about 2 seconds, then turn on, and as soon as light comes on immediately turn off again and repeat.

Repeat this five times. This pattern will trigger the ilumi to reset:

  1. Turn off - count 1, 2, turn on
  2. Turn off - count 1, 2, turn on
  3. Turn off - count 1, 2, turn on
  4. Turn off - count 1, 2, turn on
  5. Turn off - count 1, 2, turn on

Your ilumi Smartbulbs are now reset! To pair ilumi with the app, go to the menu and select "Add ilumi." 

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