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Why are my bulbs flashing colors?

There are two occasions where your ilumi may flash different colors. 


1. When your turn on your ilumi, and it flashes red, green, blue and finally turns white.

This is a "color cycling" behavior that happens when you first install ilumi or your ilumi have been reset. The color cycling indicates that your ilumi are not paired to a device. Until your ilumi are paired to a device, each time your turn the manual light switch on, your ilumi will go through this color cycling pattern. 

To pair your ilumi, follow the instructions here.


2. Begins to pulse orange for several minutes, and then pulse blue.

Your ilumi will begin to pulse orange when it is downloading a firmware update. It is VERY important to not turn your ilumi off during this process. 

If you have multiple ilumi installed and they begin to pulse orange, it may be that your ilumi are on different firmware versions. The updated ilumi will communicate to the ilumi needing an update, and will turn green. The ilumi receiving the update will begin to pulse orange. 

This process take about 5-7 minutes to complete. Your ilumi will pulse orange for a few minutes, and then pulse blue for a few minutes, and then finally, turn to bright white. Your ilumi may reset itself at the end of the process, turning red, green, blue, and then finally to white.

This can happen when you first install multiple ilumi - it's possible you may have received ilumi that were manufactured at different times, and a firmware update was released between production.

This can also happen if you purchase an additional ilumi to add to your existing ilumi setup, and your existing ilumi are updated to the new firmware.

For more information about updating the firmware, please follow the instructions here.


3. My bulb is flashing red and white, and I can no longer connect!

The red and white flashing behavior means that the firmware process did not complete and the bulb currently has no firmware. No to worry, you can still add the firmware back by manually starting the Firmware Update process again.

 In the Original ilumi App, tap the menu icon in the top left corner of the app, then tap "Settings." Tap "Firmware Update."

 In the new app, swipe the menu all the way to the right to "More" and then tap "Firmware Updates".

Once you start the Firmware Update process, it can take a several minutes to complete. To ensure the update is successful:

  1. Make sure you are using the latest ilumi app version from iTunes or Google Play
  2. Update only ONE ilumi at a time through the app, and turn OFF the power for any other ilumi that you may have
  3. Keep your phone plugged into a power source and nearby the ilumi you are updating
  4. Do not turn the power off of an ilumi while the Firmware Update process is going on, or it will continue to remove the firmware from the bulb.

For more information about updating the firmware, please follow the instructions here.

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