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It's past the estimated delivery date, but I still haven't received my order

The estimated ship dates are provided to us from the carrier and are based on the selected carrier's shipping time.

The best way to determine the status of the your shipment is to check the tracking information:

When was the date of the last scan?

Sometimes, the carrier's websites don't immediately populate the latest scan data. Check back the next day and see if there have been any updates to the information. If there are not, contact the carrier with your tracking number to ask why this package has not been moved.

Does the item show as delivered?

It's possible that the package was delivered by the carrier. If there is a signature or proof of delivery, is this a name that you recognize, or was it delivered to a front desk or office? Check with this person or office to retrieve your package. 

If your package states that it was delivered, but has no proof of delivery and there is no front desk or office to leave your package with, it's possible that your package has been lost. Contact us as soon as possible, and we can get a Shipping Claim submitted on your behalf. You'll simply need to confirm that the package was never delivered. Once the claims process is complete, we'll reissue your shipment to you.

I haven't received my package, and it's being shipped by an international carrier.

International orders being shipped by Royal Mail Airmail do not have tracking information, and advises to wait 3 weeks after the estimated delivery date. If the parcel has still not arrived, the contact us and we'll issue a lost shipment claim.

It's difficult for us to locate a package shipped internationally, since we are located in the United States. We will do everything we can to locate any lost shipments. To decrease the changes of your order being lost, we highly recommend selecting a major carrier like FedEx and UPS, to ensure that you receive a tracking number for your order.

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