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Firmware Update Available

ilumi are smart, but you can make them smarter by updating your ilumi's Firmware!

When you first receive your ilumi and pair to your app, you may receive a message asking if you want to make your ilumi smarter.

This will trigger the Firmware Update process for one of your ilumi.

This is an important process, and you may experience connection issues if you do not update your ilumi. The update process takes about 5-7 minutes to complete.



Firmware update process:

  1. Start with only one ilumi, and turn power off for all other ilumi (if applicable)
  2. Press "update" on the Firmware update screen
  3. ilumi will begin to pulse orange - Downloading firmware update to ilumi
  4. ilumi will begin to pulse blue - ilumi is installing firmware update
  5. ilumi will turn to bright white - Firmware update is complete
  6. Your ilumi may then turn Red, Green, Blue, and back to white. This is a manual reset behavior, and may require you to pair again with your ilumi. Before pairing, install any other ilumi you may have and allow the "updated" ilumi to send the update to the others.
  7. Close app, and power on any additional ilumi to allow first ilumi to send update to other ilumi

For multiple ilumi, or ilumi being installed in high ceilings, we recommend installing at least one ilumi into a nearby lamp and updating the firmware within your app before installing your ilumi in a hard to reach location.


Information about the Firmware Update process:

Once you start the Firmware Update process, your device will begin to download the update from our servers and install the new firmware on the ilumi. Keep in mind that it can take several minutes to complete. 

For the best chances of successfully updating the firmware, we recommend the following:

  • Make sure you are using the latest ilumi app from iTunes or Google Play
  • Update only ONE ilumi at a time through the app, and turn OFF the power for any other ilumi that you may have
  • Keep your phone plugged into a power source and nearby the ilumi you are updating
  • Ensure you have a good connection to the internet from your device
  • Do not turn the power off of an ilumi while the Firmware Update process is going on

What do the flashing colors mean?

When your ilumi is receiving a firmware update, it will pulse yellow for a few minutes, then it will pulse blue for a few minutes, and then finally power on to a bright white. When your ilumi stops changing colors and remains at the bright white color, the firmware update has completed and it is safe to operate your ilumi normally. 

How do I update my other ilumi?

An ilumi that has the most recent firmware version can update your other ilumi, simply by being within the Bluetooth signal range.

Once one of your ilumi receives a firmware update, it will share it with any other nearby ilumi that are paired to the same network.  If your ilumi are close by, just power on all your ilumi, close the app, and let your ilumi do the rest.  

After a few minutes, the ilumi that is sharing the firmware will pulse green and the ilumi that is receiving the update will pulse yellow. Once the ilumi are finished updating, they will all turn back to the bright white and stop changing colors. 

Remember to let the ilumi complete the firmware update process and not power off your ilumi until the update is complete

My app shows that the update failed or it's stuck on one of the steps:

If you use the app to update the firmware, and the firmware update doesn't complete or seems to stop before completing, then your device may have lost connection with our server during the update. Simply press the back arrow in the top left corner of the screen, and restart the firmware update. 

I updated my firmware, but now I can't connect to my ilumi

An ilumi may become unpaired after a firmware update, and may need to become paired again. If you are trying to pair and are unsuccessful, it may be necessary to restart your device to ensure you have disconnected the Bluetooth signal from the ilumi, before you pair your device to the ilumi again.

I can't tell if my firmware is updated!

We can check the firmware version of your paired ilumi! Make sure all of your ilumi are paired to your device. Then, send us an email from within the app:

Tap Menu > Support > Contact Us > E-mail, and press "Send"
(sending a blank email is fine)

This will attach a small "info.txt" file of your ilumi configuration, and we can check to see if the firmware updated. The "info.txt" file only contains information about your ilumi app and configuration with no personal data.

If you feel more comfortable checking the firmware version yourself, you can change the email recipient from "" to your own email. Open the attached "info.txt" file and search for the following:

The code will vary depending on your device type, but once you find the names of your ilumi, note the "versionNumber" and verify if it is the latest firmware version released here:

What is the latest firmware version?



Please e-mail if you need further assistance. We can help ensure you have an amazing ilumi experience :)

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