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Scene Scheduler

Be the king (or queen) of your castle.

The Scene Scheduler Experience gives you full control to automate your lighting to your schedule.

Use it to replay a scene of the perfect color, brightness, or on/off setting at the precise time to fit your daily routine. 

The mood ring has become room-sized.

How Do I Activate This Feature?

The Scene Scheduler experience allows you to schedule your ilumi Scenes. 

To get started, you'll need to create "Scenes":

What is a Scene?

How do I Create a Scene?

Can I Edit a Scene?

Once you have created your Scenes, you can set a Scene Schedule.

  1. Tap the menu button and then "Experiences".
  2. Tap the plus sign (+) in the top right hand corner of the screen to "Create a New Experience". 
  3. Select "Scene Scheduler" from the Create New Experience view.
  4. Proceed with selecting your custom Scheduler settings like start times and repeating days.
  5. Tap the toggle in the top right corner of the app screen to turn the experience "on". The toggle will be in the far right position when turned on.


 Scene Scheduler Experience Options:

  1. Select ilumi - Select the "Scene" you'd like to schedule
  2. Set the Time - Tap "Time" to set the time the Scene will activate
  3. Set the Days - Tap "Repeating Days" to select the days you would like this Scene Schedule to run

Please Note: If you'd like to disable the Scene Schedule, come back to this screen and tap the toggle button again to turn off.


What Should I Expect When Using Scene Scheduler?

The Scene Scheduler is helpful for automating your favorite lighting Scenes. You can set and forget your lighting, having it turn on and change colors throughout the day to help you to live your light.

Once the Scene Schedule is set, your ilumi will operate independently from your device, until you decide to change the Schedule or colors. You do not need to maintain a Bluetooth connection for your ilumi LED Smartbulbs to change according to the Schedule you set up. But in order to change the Schedule or change the lights, you need to connect to your ilumi via Bluetooth again.

Helpful Tip: Forget the light switch. Schedule your kitchen lights to turn on as you enter to make your cup of coffee in the morning, turn off after you leave for work, and turn on right before you come home. Schedule your lights to dim down for when you wind down with the family in the living room, and then lights out after you've all gone to bed.

How do I schedule my lights to turn off? To schedule your lights to turn off, create a Scene with all ilumi in the "off" state. Then, create a Scene schedule that activates your "ilumi off" Scene. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at and we'd be happy to help!

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