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My firmware update won't complete

Are you having trouble completing the firmware update?

Here are a few things to verify to ensure that the firmware update is successful:

  • Make sure you are using the latest ilumi app from iTunes or Google Play
  • Update only ONE ilumi at a time through the app, and turn OFF the power for any other ilumi that you may have
  • Keep your phone plugged into a power source and nearby the ilumi you are updating
  • Ensure you have a good connection to the internet from your device
  • Do not turn the power off of an ilumi while the Firmware Update process is going on

If your device screen goes to sleep (turns off), then your device may be dropping the Bluetooth connection to the bulb. Try going into your device settings, and turn off the auto-lock or power-saving feature that causes your device's display to turn off. This can help alleviate any Bluetooth disruption while completing the firmware update.

Try moving your device as close as possible to the ilumi. The Bluetooth connection may be weaker at a further distance, so moving closer to the ilumi will help the transfer of the update to the bulb.

Verify that you have good internet or cellular signal during the update. While your device is updating ilumi (flashing orange), it is downloading the update from our server online. It's possible if you have a weak internet or cellular service signal, that the update may continue to interrupt. 

If the firmware update fails, attempt the update again. Each time, the update starts up where it last left off, so it will eventually complete. Depending on the factors listed above, you may need to initialize the update a few times. We do apologize for this, however, sometimes external factors may be keeping your device from connecting properly.

***Did you receive a firmware update error message? If so, please note what error message you received (i.e. FW3) and contact us at with this error message code. We can help get you through this firmware update.

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