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Daylight Savings Time (both apps)

Original app (colorful logo)  

The ilumi Smartbulb automatically adjusts its internal real-time clock to your device's time every time you connect to your bulbs. During any time change, like Daylight Savings Time, your ilumi actually retains the last settings it received - so if you have a schedules programmed at specific times, you may need to adjust your experiences.

If you notice that your ilumi schedule executes an hour early or an hour later, simply turn the experience off, and then back on again. This will reset the clock inside the ilumi to your devices adjusted time. The off/on button is located in the Experience screen, and is the toggle button in the top right hand corner.

New app (black and white logo)

For the New app, usually, for this, we recommend to walk over to your bulbs and open up the app. Now go to your "More" tab, then go into "Account" and log out. Now log back in, control the lights individually (turning then off/on), and the times should sync for the bulbs. If it does not sync, please delete your Schedule, and recreate it. To get to Schedules, delete and recreate them :

1) Please walk over to your bulb and open up the app. Now go to your "More" tab, then go into "Account" and log out. Now log back in. Go to your "Dashboard", select your group of bulbs in your "Dashboard" and you will see tabs near the top of the Screen: Bulbs- Colors- Whites- Effects-Presets- Schedule.

2) In the Schedules tab, you should see your Scheduled event( On the actual timeline line). Once you click on it, it will give you an option to Edit or delete the Schedule. Delete it.

3) Now verify you can control the bulbs (Off/on/change colors), then create your Schedules again.


Feel free to reach out with any questions to us at We can help get you back on track :)

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