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Rename, Reset, or Reorder One or More ilumi

From the Dashboard, tap the group you wish to adjust and drill into the group settings view. On the 'Bulbs' screen, tap the gear symbol in the upper right hand corner.

Now in the edit view, you can do a variety of things. Edit the name of your group by tapping your group name and using the keyboard that appears.

Delete the group completely and reset all ilumi in that group by tapping 'Delete Group' at the bottom of the screen.

Make changes to a specific ilumi by tapping the pencil icon and choosing one of the below:

  • Rename: Change the name of indvidiual ilumi
  • Change Group: Move individual ilumi to another Group
  • Delete: Remove the individual ilumi from the app and reset

To reorder individual ilumi within a group view, simply tap and hold the individual ilumi for a few seconds until it raises and then drag and drop to reorder.

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