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Dashboard - Basic Control (3.0 App)


The new ilumi app makes it easier than ever to conveniently control any combination of ilumi. The Dashboard screen gives you easy convenient control of all your ilumi connected to your Account.

From this screen, you can turn your ilumi on and off or change the color and brightness of any of your ilumi.  You can also turn on and off all ilumi associated with your account by using the controls at the bottom of this screen.

For a quick shortcut, swipe to the right or left of any cell for brightness or your most recently used color swatches. 

To configure and apply more advanced settings, simply tap the group name to drill down to the group settings for the following:

  • Control individual bulbs
  • Colors
  • Whites
  • Presets (coming soon)
  • Effects
  • Schedules (coming soon) 
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