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Getting Started in the New ilumi App

Welcome to the ilumi nation!

We are always working to improve our app to make it easier, faster and more productive to use.  The new ilumi app makes it easier to pair your bulbs, set schedules, and can manage multiple users and locations (such as separate lighting networks for your work and home).   

One question we hear is  "Why are there two apps?" and the simple answer is that some customers setup their systems on the original app - and don't want to be bothered with changing.  There are also some feature differences in the two apps - as some features of the original app have not yet been moved over.  

For now - we recommend you use the new app, and start with the pairing process below.


Getting Started With ilumi Smartbulbs (new app)

Pairing Your ilumi Smartbulb

Setting a Default Color or Default White

Setting a Schedule for Your ilumi



Both ilumi Apps should not be running simultaneously. The Bluetooth in your Phone or Tablet can't connect to your ilumi Smartbulbs if there are two apps running at the same time. What's happening is both apps are trying to gain control from each other.

If you can't connect to your ilumi in the New App, verify that the Original ilumi app is not running in the background. If you open the Original ilumi App, close the New App first so that the Original ilumi App can connect to your bulbs.

 We are continuing to redesign the features of the New ilumi App. While you're waiting on the features to be redesigned for the New ilumi App, you can continue to use the Original ilumi App! 

Here are the current features of both ilumi Apps: 

 Original ilumi App New ilumi App
  • Basic Color Control
  • Save Color Swatches
  • Scenes
  • Music Sync
  • Rise & Shine
  • Schedules
  • Vacation
  • Circadian
  • Torch
  • Simon
  • Shake
  • Basic Color Control
  • White Color Presets
  • Favorites (formerly called 'Scenes')
  • Preset Color Selection
  • Effects
  • Music Sync + Spotify
  • Rise & Shine
  • Schedules 
  • Circadian



We are actively working to build out the features of the New ilumi App. We appreciate your patience while the new features are being built out. Please feel free to reach out to us and let us know what features you think could be better - send us an email to to submit your feedback!

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