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Trouble Pairing to the ilumi App?

Having trouble pairing your ilumi Smartbulb? Check out the below tutorial video for a step-by-step process on how to pair your ilumi Smartbulbs to your ilumi mobile app.





If you are still having trouble having trouble pairing, here are a few things to try before calling. Before you continue, make sure your device supports Bluetooth 4.2 or above. Certain devices (such as the iPad 2) have Bluetooth - but not the right version, and cannot control the ilumi. Take a look at the video or instructions below as ilumi CEO Corey Egan walks through some simple steps to troubleshoot your ilumi pairing process.



Step 1: Turn the light off - then back on. The ilumi should be cycle Red, Green, Blue, then come back to White. This indicates the bulb is in "Pairing Mode"

Did the ilumi change colors? - If so, go to Step 2.

If the bulb came on white (no colors)- that means the ilumi thinks it is paired to a phone and will ignore any additional attempts to pair (they are monogamous).  Click here to learn how to Manual Resetting your ilumi bulbs

Step 2: Let's refresh the Bluetooth connection and the app so your phone can find the ilumi Smartbulbs.  This often resolves some of the handshaking issues when your phone connects to Bluetooth devices.

- If you are on an iPhone, double click your iPhone home button and the apps in your background will show up. You will need to swipe up on them to close the apps down. Close down the ilumi app, reopen it, and "Search for New Bulbs". Now drag the bulb to your "New Group".

- If you are on an Android device, please click on your app background button. This will bring up all the apps currently running in your device background. Close down the ilumi app, reopen it, and "Search for New Bulbs". Now drag the bulb to your "New Group".


Step 3: If you are still having difficulty pairing, let's try everything.

1) Turn your Bluetooth off, then back on and make sure "Bluetooth Sharing" is activated. This can be found in your settings menu. Sometimes this feature gets shut off for privacy concerns, but the ilumi needs to talk to your phone on a regular basis.

2) Now reset your bulb/bulbs. To manually reset the bulbs, turn the light switch on/off five times.
When the bulb is reset, it will begin to turn a series of colors (Red, Green, Blue), and then finally, will turn a bright white.

4) Get close to your ilumi - Since Bluetooth is a wireless radio, sometimes there are other signals which block or interfere with the signal during the sensitive pairing process.  Place your device as near as you can to the ilumi Smartbulb.

3) Close - and then Open up the app, log back in, and if the pairing pop up does not appear, then swipe the upper menu to the right until you get to the "More" tab ,click "Search for New Bulbs" and start pairing your bulbs. 

Step 4Let's get you some help.  We may need to check your software, or your bulb to make sure whats wrong.  You can either send us an email Customer service,  or from your app swipe right over to the "More" menu, click on the "Support" button, and "New Support Ticket" and we'll be right on it.

Of course you can always call us at 888.502.0575 during weekdays from 9am to 6pm Central Standard Time.




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