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The ilumi Smart Strip- Pairing, Reset, Basic control

 Setting up and Pairing your ilumi Smart Strip 

 (1) Take the 2M starter kit out of the box, along with the parts. This will include a power supply, power cable, and the 2M ( 6.6ft) Smartstrip itself. Measure the area that you'd like to place your Smart Strip and ensure the surface is clean and dry. We'd recommend laying out your strips and connecting the strips together before cutting or applying to the surface. Note that if you are using extensions that they need to come first before your 2M strip. Once you are comfortable as to how you are going to install your strip, carefully remove the plastic film backing on the back of the  strip to reveal the adhesive and place firmly on the surface where you are installing the strip. Use the provided brackets to help hold the strip in place if the strip doesn't stick well on it's own. Once the strip is in place, ensure it is not connected to the power supply yet and trim any excess strip at the far end as needed (note: once cut you can no longer use the excess strip). Now that everything is in place, connect the controller box and cables to the power supply and your smartstrip. Ensure all of the screw caps are fit and tightened. 

(2) Now, plug in the power supply. The strip should illuminate through a red, green, blue, then back to white sequence indicating it is reset and ready for pairing.  Note that if you are using more than two extensions on your strip, the colors may not reach the far end of your strip in this power-on sequence, but don't worry once you set the length all colors will work fine. Now, open up your ilumi app, and "Search" for the Smartstrip, unless you already receive a notification to "Pair" it.




(3) Once it has been found, drag it into a "New Group" or an existing group of ilumi that you'd like to associate with the strip.



Next you'll be prompted to confirm the length of your Smart Strip. Since each color LED is addressable and you can cut or extend your strip to up to 160 different possibilities, we need your help to confirm the exact length of the strip. It's very simple to do, just use the '+' or '-' controls on the screen to adjust the length until the last two color LEDs on your strip are lit up BLUE. Make sure to be patient and don't skip this step, otherwise it won't function properly. If you ever need to change the strip length after pairing, you can do so under the Edit options for the strip.

 IMG_9050.PNG IMG_9052.PNG

Resetting your ilumi Smartstrip

Resetting the Smartstrip is a little different then the resetting an ilumi bulb. To reset the strip, take the power adapter and sequentially plug it in and unplug it 4 times, or until you see the strip illuminate with a green color and then a combination of white and green. Once it comes to white/green, unplug and plug the strip in one more time, and it will go through the red, green blue, back to white color cycle. Now it is ready to pair again.  

Controlling your ilumi Smartstrip

The controls for the Smartstrip are the same as the bulbs. You can turn them off, on, change colors, and use defaults, presets, effects, and schedules, the same as any any other ilumi lightbulb. Note that some effects are dynamic on the strips, like Fireworks and Christmas, so play around and enjoy.



If you have any questions, please reach out to us at and we'd be happy to help!



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